Hurley Marine, Inc. offers the creative manufacturing of innovative boat accessories for the boat owner who demands the best in function and style at a low cost.  Shore to please!

You can browse through our product lines including our flagship products, Hurley Dinghy Davits and Hurley Trim Tab Lights.  We have packed this site with boat loads of information on each product.  Please take the time to thoroughly navigate the site but don’t hesiate to hail us for more information. 
Make Sure it says “HURLEY” . . . Made in Michigan, Sold Globally!

Hurley Dinghy Davits

Hurley Davits are offered in three models –  Traditional Davit, H2O Davit and our newest, the H3O Davit.  These inflatable boat davit systems allow you to store your inflatable boat with your outboard on your swim platform giving you an easy launch and retrieval system for your hard or soft bottom inflatable.  There is no other boat davit that compares.

Hurley Marine is proud to be an OEM for Regal Boats®Grand Banks®Hinckley Yachts®  and other international manufacturers.

How to Size and Order for a Davit

To determine which davit mount system will work best for you, measure the beam of your dinghy, divide by 2 and add 4 inches.  Now measure your platform (transom to the end).

You must add a number below to your platform length figure in order to determine which mount to use.

Example: If your dinghy width is 60″ then divide by 2 + 4″ = 34″.  Swim platform is 32″.  By adding 2″ to the platform this would make it equal to the dinghy width of 34″ so then you would have chosen the 6″ mount.

Hint: 4 inches of the mount must be used to secure to the platform.

  • 0 – 2″ for the 6″ Mount
  • 2″-4″ for the 8″ Xtensions
  • 4″-6″ for the 10″ Xtensions
  • 6″+ for the 36″ Xtensions

If you have a lip on the outer edge of your platform, let us know how high it is and we will include free shims with your purchase.

If your having problems determining the right mount, give us a hail at +1.906. 553.6249

Hurley Underwater Boat Lights

Hurley Marine, Inc. has developed an array of light products including our patented Trim Tab Lights, Underwater LED Lights, Dock Lights, Drain Plug Lights for your vessel.

Muskrat / Otter Guards

Muskrat Guards are designed for any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger. Add protection today!

Sizing for Muskrat Guards

Hurley Marine Muskrat Guards are 316 stainless steel, adjustable and install inside the exhaust ports.  Guards are adjusted outward by stainless rods creating friction to the inside of the port, with no penetration to the hull. Installs in minutes.  Protection available in difference sizes depending upon the size of your exhaust.

To properly measure take a piece of semi-rigid wire and wrap it around completely in the circumference (inside) of the exhaust port.  Lay your wire out and measure that length, now divide that measurement by 3.14 (pi) to determine the hole size.

NOTE:  It’s important that we get the correct measurement of both exhaust port holes. We have found that not both exhaust ports are the same size.  A 1/4″ can make a difference for a bad fit.

Have questions about protecting your boat from muskrats, otters and other vermin?  Give us a call!