Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Hurley Marine Davits, Boat Lights, Muskrat Guards, Boating Parts & Accessories

Hurley Marine Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hurley Marine and our products – from dinghy davits and boat lights to finding a dealer and ordering products. Select the FAQ category you would like to view.

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First and foremost it is always suggested that all metals should be rinsed with fresh water on a regular basis while in a corrosive environment for protection.

However, if your davit is starting to show some rust we suggest to it clean with an oxalic acid based kitchen cleanser like Revere Ware Copper and Stainless Cleanser, Bar Keeper’s Friend Kleen, King Stainless Steel Cleanser or a Naval Jelly, use a non-metallic green or white scrubby pad. Don’t use bleach, steel wool or any metal pad, even stainless steel, because this will actually promote rust. Scour the surface thoroughly and then rinse with fresh water and dry it with a towel.  We find the Naval Jelly works best but is a bit more caustic so be-careful and always read the instructions.

Most of this corrosion is from crevice corrosion.  Crevice corrosion refers to corrosion occurring in confined spaces to which the access of the working fluid (salt water) from the environment is limited.  The bacteria in the salt water gets trapped underneath thestainless steel and starts to exhaust the oxygen from it.  This bacteria can be more prominent in more areas than others.


You can go to our “Dealer Locator” menu at the top of this page to do a search or click here.

Yes, we ship globally via FedEx.  We will also ship to Freight Forwards as well.

We ship via FedEx Monday – Friday, except holidays.

Orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day, providing the item is in stock.  If you need an items shipment changed, be sure to contact us so we can make the changes.

The H2O & H3O davits are made of Marine Grade High Density Polyethylene for strength and to reduce friction during retrieval and launching, and stainless steel mounts and fasteners.

Hurley RGB Lights are probably on the higher end for light output compared to other manufacturers and also have some great features compared to others.  You also have to consider what you are getting for the price.  We offer a complete set, including 2 lights, 2 trim tab brackets, 1 WiFi control box (able to control up to 4 lights & has LCS (Line Carrier Signal) technology ), 1 remote control and FREE Smartphone Apps.  This package is priced at $1599.  If you compared our RGB Lights to OceanLED Xtreme A16 Pro RGB lights you will see that theirs will run you around $3500 and that’s just for 1 light, 1 control box and WiFi touch Pad.  Both Hurley Marine and OceanLED lights are comparable in light output!

So, if you’re going to go with the RGB’s your getting more bang for your buck with Hurley. 

The Hurley Traditional and H2O Davits system are nothing magical. Both systems are a manual lift and depend upon how high off the water your platform is, how heavy your dinghy is, and of course, your strength.

Yes! We all know the type of seas we are generally comfortable and/or experienced in. You can carry anything you like on the davits up to the designed weight rating of your davit system. If you are planning a cruise and expect rougher conditions, consider double strapping your dinghy to the deck. Double check the dinghy and make sure it’s lashed tight to the deck . . . you cannot know what conditions you might encounter and bad weather is no place to discover that you should have paid closer attention.  We recommend using our 3 Point Tie-down Method.

Yes! Damage or loss is certain to result if not tied down. The dinghy should be tied down securely and we recommend our 3-Point Tie Down System to prevent movement of the dinghy and shock loads coming from heavy seas. We prefer to see ratchet or cam straps used. If the straps become loose at sea, a simple pull on the ratchet lever or strap will snug the dinghy.  Always use heavy-duty nonstretching straps.

Yes! All of the Hurley Davits have the deck mounts and quick release pins which can be removed in seconds for storage.

Hurley Davits are rated on their ability to carry a “safe working load”. For example, it is unreasonable to suggest that a davit with a safe working load of 300 lbs could cradle a dinghy weighing double that or 600 lbs. Our davits have a very large margin of strength designed into them and simply do not fail if used within their designed ratings. However, allowing the dinghy to fill with water will create a bad situation. Remember to remove the drain plug if your boat will be unattended to any period of time.

Yes. We have mounts to attach directly to swim platform channels/rails. Contact us for details!

Take your time and plan your installation! The ideal position for the dinghy on the davit is to have the dinghy sitting squarely in the “cradle” of the davit and off-set the davit on the platform so that the stern (transom) of the dinghy is more supported due to weight of motor, etc. Measure twice and drill once!

Usually, but not always, particularly if you are planning on cradling a heavy dinghy. We suggest consulting the manufacturer for the “safe working load” of your swim platform.

Many of our competitors that have chosen to copy our design have included bunk rollers. Right off the bat when we first designed this system we opted out. The reason being is that it’s like a roller trailer for your boat opposed to a bunk system. With a bunk system you get more surface area contact allowing for a very stable and safe ride. In addition, with our system, you can retrieve from either the front or side of the davit. The roller system only allows one way of retrieval and has a very small foot-print for each roller for contact and the chines of a hard bottom dinghy often get hung up on the large rollers. When the rollers are used for a bunk system they don’t really aid much in ease of retrieval and allow for more parts to corrode and breakdown.

To determine if the Traditional or H2O davit system will work for you, measure the beam of your dinghy and divide by 2 and add 4 inches. If this figure is equal or larger than the depth (transom to the end) of your platform we have a Hurley Davit for you! This number can be tweaked, contact us for details. Extension mounts can be purchased for smaller swim platforms.

The H3O measurements for your platform will need to be at least 30″ in depth (transom to swim platform edge) and a dinghy beam no more than 60′. The wider the swim platform depth, the wider the dinghy can be in order for the H3O to work for you.

Hurley Marine, Inc. pioneered the original swim platform davit of it’s kind over a decade ago. Since the original, named our “Traditional”, our research and development (R&D) team have worked to provide the consumer with the very best in design and quality for versatility and years of enjoyment.

You can order direct from a dealer or from this website. However, if you wish to have someone install your system a dealer has the tools and knowledge. An alternative would also be your boat yard mechanic.


Hurley light housings are or either Polyvinyl Choride or Dolrin which are tough and chemically resistant synthetic resins. The brackets are constructed of stainless steel allowing for a highly durable system.

Hurley HID and Halogen Tab lights are virtually maintenance free.   Each time the lights are activated it goes through a process of self cleaning by reaching an optimal heating peak keeping the lens clean.

Hurley LED lights do need a little more attention. In saltwater, areas of heavy growth or sediment, we recommend that the lights be cleaned regularly.  One of the great benefits of our design is that cleaning is easy and takes only minutes.  Simply submerge your deck brush with handle and lightly scrub the lens from the swim platform.

Hint: Spraying lights with Silicone or putting a thin layer of petroleum Jelly on annually will help keep algae, mussels, barnacles, etc. off.

No. Hurley Tab Lights are perfectly designed for the hydraulics of water flow maintaining balance, stability with no drag at low or high speed running.

The Hurley LED Lights, including the RGB’s, have overheat sensors and will dim when they become to hot.  Once they have cooled they will re-gain they brightness.  To aid in its cooling while lit, we’ve designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra long life span.

The Halogen and HID lights generate heat and should remain below the water line when turned on to maintain a safe temperature. However, testing of the lights while on out of the water is okay as long as they are not on for more than 3 minutes.

All wiring must be carried out by a suitably trained/qualified electrician. With low voltage DC wiring the risk of fire may be present if wiring is not correctly installed.

  • Ensure power supply wiring is of the correct size for the current draw.
  • Ensure electrical supply has suitably sized fuse or other protective device (15 amp.) to provide adequate protection of wiring and connected equipment in the event of circuit fault or short circuit.
  • Use only approved marine grade water-tight connectors. All joints must be above the waterline, soldered and sealed with a proprietary compound filled heat shrink tube.

Relays should be considered for long wire runs. Relays are used to switch a lower resistance path for the 12v power to the ballasts for longer runs.

It’s fairly straight forward and should only take about 20 minutes to install your tab lights. Install your lights by removing the screws on the bottom of each trim tab ram, insert bracket and tighten screws. Ensure your tabs are completely in the down position when installing to allow for ample cord length. Drill the above waterline wire holes, run the wires up the tab rams and secure using the supplied wire ties. Fit wiring and use either cable clams or apply a marine grade sealant to fill the holes to ensure it is completely sealed.

Yes! We bench test each and every light.

Yes! Your light housings and brackets can be painted and we suggest using your bottom paint. No metal should be uncoated in a corrosive environment. Wire loom can be used for barnacle protection.

Hint:  Spraying lights with Silicone or putting a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly on annually will help keep algae, mussels, barnacles, etc. off.

No! No bonding to anodes is required because the housing will not corrode. The high-impact Polyvinyl Chloride housing makes Hurley Marine lights ideal for all harsh marine environments.

This patented revolutionary “rock-like” lighting system is designed to easily attach to the top-side of your trim tabs. There are two sets of mounting holes that are commonly used for the popular Bennett and InstaTrim Trim Tabs. The bracket is easily adaptable to other leveling systems. Does not jeopardize the integrity of the hull as thru-hull lights do.

Our High Intensity Halogen Lamps are rated at 75 watts each with a total of 300 watts and have an average life of about 2000 hours. These have an excellent CRI value, angle of illumination, inexpensive to replace and should be changed during your annual maintenance program.

HID, High Intensity Discharge, refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in a sealed bulb, similar to the lightning phenomenon in the sky. HID lighting does not have a filament but instead creates light by igniting an electrical discharge between two electrodes in an air tight tiny quartz capsule filled with xenon gas. HID lighting are also called Xenon lighting, referring to the gas inside the bulb.

The 12 volt 35 watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballast & Xenon Bulb delivers intense brilliant white light which cuts through the murkiest of water. These light sources produce a color temperature of 6,000k, are 3x brighter than a 55W halogen bulb and consume 30% less power thus generating much less heat during operation.

HID lighting improves durability by 10 times as vibrations can cause damage to halogen filament, but there is nothing to break inside HID bulb. These light sources also produce a blue-white light that is safer because it is closer to natural daylight. The color temperature is 6000K compared to 2300K for halogen. The light output from a 35W HID Xenon lamp is 300% more light than a 55W halogen bulb or equal to 165W’s of output from each lamp. The HID Xenon system will also consume much less power from your electrical system and generate much less heat during operation. That all means four 35w ballasts and bulbs equal 660 watts at 12.8 amp. draw.

High Intensity Discharge (HID), refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in a sealed bulb, similar to the lightning phenomenon in the sky. HID lighting does not have a filament but instead creates light by igniting an electrical discharge between two electrodes in an air tight tiny quartz capsule filled with xenon gas. HID lighting are also called Xenon lighting, referring to the gas inside the bulb.

Hurley Marine, Inc. is the original designer of the trim tab lights and with our patented design and our research and development (R&D) team has allowed us to provide you with the very best in design and quality for versatility and years of enjoyment.

First of all, and like no other underwater lights, Hurley Tab Lights are fully adjustable using your trim tab controls. Second, hull lights require holes below the waterline and boast that the lamp can be replace from inside the boat. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the room in our engine room to perform this maneuver. And third, we offer 4 lights in the Halogen and HID models for the price of one of theirs. Our

LED Sea-Vue lights can either be mounted using the trim tab brackets or remove the bracket and it becomes a surface mounted light.