AR-15 Gun Display / Cleaning Stand

Constructed using King ColorCore Marine Grade plastic, these durable display racks for AR-15 style rifles are impervious to rot, corrosion, fading and chemicals.  Perfect for wall or tabletop display, fire place mantel or for a gun show or retail store setting.

Wall Rack mount easily to a wall and support an AR-15 rifle with a vertical magazine that inserts into the magazine well.

Tactical Gun Display or Cleaning AR Rifle Stand, simply insert the vertical magazine adapter in your magazine well, and the rifle locks in place;  press the magazine release to remove.

All Stands are Black over White.

•  Custom 3up Mag Display:  12″H x 16″ W x ½” T

•  Upper Peninsula of Michigan Wall & Table Stand:  10½”H x 19½” W x ½” T

•  Your State of Choice Wall & Table Stand: vary in size

•  Badge Plaque Wall or Table Stand:  12″H x 9″ W x ½” T

•  Custom or Non-Custom Rectangular Table Stand Display:  8″H x 15″ W x ½” T

•  Magazine Vise Block / Grip:  (6-3/8″ long)

•  Magazine Wall Mount w/Standoff:  (6-3/8″ long)

Note:  Custom engraving with up to 15 characters on 3 up and rectangular stands.