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Oil Mate ™ Advanced Oil Management System

Oil Mate ™ Advanced Oil Management System


Oil Mate  is a patented advanced oil management system for diesel engines, that significantly extends oil change intervals (4000 hrs) and filter life (1000 hrs), in order to decrease downtime and lengthen an engine’s life span. It is an automatic oil exchange system for any diesel engine – it changes oil while the engine is running! 

Oil Mate ™ keeps engine oil at a constant level of cleanliness, and continually supplements new additives. These factors help to protect the engine, increasing its life span.

The Oil Mate kit includes: valve, controller, and wiring harness, make-up tank kit, which includes a 5 gallon tank and an oil level sensor (alerts operator when oil level in make-up tank falls below one half gallon). 

We need a little information in order to properly set the controller when you purchase.  Please complete this form!

Oil Mate ™

This system removes a small amount of used engine oil and blends it with diesel fuel to be burned during combustion. The used oil is then replaced with an equal amount of fresh oil from a make-up tank, extending oil and filter use. Oil Mate ™ outperforms every competitor on the market and operates within emissions guidelines.

Oil Mate ™ does not affect the engine’s flow or pressure. It is not a replacement for the filtration system – it improves and works in conjunction with the oil system.

This system can be used on any diesel engine application. It is especially useful in areas where engines are not easily accessible, are constantly running, or where there is a significant need for cost savings and decreased engine downtime. Environmentally Friendly!

Oil Mate ™ can be specified as original equipment or retrofitted to your existing engine. Click here to see Oil Mate™ test data.  Fleet inquiries welcome.


  • Marine
  • Trucking
  • Transit
  • Agriculture/Irrigation
  • Mining/Industrial
  • Military

Hurley Marine


  • 525,000 miles / 4000 hours between oil changes
  • 100,000 miles / 1000 hours between filter changes
  • Easy installation
  • Enhanced engine protection
  • Converts used oil into productive energy
  • Minimizes waste handling and disposal costs
  • Does not void warranty


  • Compact size Power requirements of 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Hardened computer controlled timer; adjustable to the engines’ needs
  • High strength, lightweight aluminum components
  • SAE port connections
  • Self priming unit Patented system design

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