Stainless Steel Winch for the H3O and H3O+

H3O Winch: 4.2:1 Braking Hand Winch (304 Stainless), with 20′ AmSteel®-Blue Winch Line and Stainless Steel Carabiner. This hand winch is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel For corrosion resistance. Machine-Cut Spur Gears ensure smooth accurate operation, while protective gear covers keep dirt out and help prevent injuries.

•  304 Stainless Steel
• 4.2:1 Ratio Braking Winch
•  Load Capacity 1200 pounds
•  20′ AmSteel®-Blue Winch Line with SS Carabiner
•  Weight – 8 pounds

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This item is for use with the H3O and H3O+ (PLUS) Davits.