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METS – Hurley attends the METS Trade Show

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METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) Hurley Marine, Inc. is attending at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre in the Netherlands this November. METS, the world's largest trade exhibition of equipment, materials and systems.  It's for the international marine leisure industry provides each year the perfect platform to network, exchange ideas and do business. The Hurley Marine, Inc. stand will be highlight in the British pavilion, showcasing our flagship products, the Hurley Dinghy Davits and Hurley LED Sea-Vue Underwater Boat Lights, which is already recognized as industry standards.  Todd Hurley, Hurley's CEO will be in attendance along with the NMMA crew and special guests.  All creating a buzz and networking with the prestigious boat builder contingent in attendance. The METS show hours are Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 November 2014. Schedule  an appointment with us at the show. Tuesday 18 November - 10.00 - 18.00 hours Wednesday 19 November - 09.00 - 18.00 hours Thursday 20 November - [...]

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Another Muskrat Tale . . .

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How I Stopped Muskrats from Getting into my Boat Exhaust Port Here is my encounter with far too many Muskrats. The manufacturing of my product couldn't come soon enough, to combat these vermin. Here is my story: 11/03/10 Not sure if you heard yet, but I have had some Muskrat problems. Early this year I had started to design an adjustable Muskrat Guard for exhaust ports. As busy as I was this summer, between work and play, I somewhat dropped the ball but picked that ball back up a few weeks ago. I was just about there with a prototype, but a day late. I had taken my boat to Harbor Town last Saturday and had left it there for Capt. Niemo (John) to pull on Monday. Well, I had gone back down there on Sunday to do some minor end of the season work and while in the engine room I heard some noises. After a [...]

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Properly Measuring for a Muskrat Guard

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Muskrat Guard - Make Sure it's a Good Fit! Hurley Muskrat Guard is for any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger, is at risk. A Muskrat, Water Rat, Otter, or other vermin, can and will, swim up the exhaust to chew through a coupling hose to the inside of the boat or make a den. This also includes boats with underwater exhausts, as these rodents & vermin usually look for underwater entrances, leading upwards to hollowed out chambers. This is how many boats sink, even while tied to the dock. Protect your investment! Marine insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by 'vermin', which includes muskrats & otters. Hurley Marine Muskrat Guards are 316 stainless steel, adjustable and install inside the exhaust ports. Guards are adjusted outward by stainless rods creating friction to the inside of the port, with no penetrationto the hull. Installs in minutes. Protection available [...]